2002 Looking for the New Universal Harmony

This is the next of my ‘web-based, multi-user audio-interface’ pieces. In this one, the user has less control over his own interaction with the work. Some factors of it are based on the users IP numbers. It’s interesting to note that the vast majority of users play around only with the sound and, it appears, […] Read More

2001 Choirpiece for Four Computers

This piece was basically an attempt at “humanizing” computers. In this piece I have five networked computers, one of which is the choir director and composer and the remainder forming the choir. The director is composing the music as he goes along but it’s not purely random. This choir has a sense of aesthetics, so […] Read More

2000 Sunset

In this project I was focusing on coming up with something that relied first and foremost on the internet. The idea was to create a constant stream of live broadcasts of the setting sun by switching from one part of the globe to another at predetermined intervals. At the same time, each of the broadcasts […] Read More

1999 Inside A-Minor

In this piece I invite the viewer to experience an a-minor chord as if it were a three dimensional object. The installation consists of a white room with a speaker mounted on three of the walls and a notestand, with an empty sheet of note paper, standing in the center. When the viewer approaches the […] Read More