2015 Iris

Iris is an experiment with multi-colored, animated, rounded divs and webpd. Semi-transparent divs randomly expand and contract while the same random values control the frequency of oscillators in a Pure Data patch. http://pallthayer.dyndns.org/iris/ HTML5 JavaScript PureData WebPD Read More

2011 Auto-Selfie

An auto-generated, real-time self-portrait. My laptop was set to snap a photo every two minutes and then upload it to a server. There it got vectorized and then “painted” to a web page. The Auto-Selfie page PHP, Javascript, HTML5 Read More

2009 Microcodes

Microcodes are very small code-based artworks. Each one is a fully contained work of art. The conceptual meaning of each piece is revealed through a combination of the title, the code and the results of running them on a computer. As works of art these are the creative work of Pall Thayer. As programs they […] Read More

2000/2008 Sunset/Sólarlag

This piece was originally created in 2000 (see below). In 2008 I was asked to recreate it for a solo exhibition at Mejan Labs gallery in Stockholm, Sweden. The newer version worked out far better than the original. See time-lapsed video at http://vimeo.com/3000354 Perl Pure Data miscellaneous other open-source software Read More

2008 Nude Studies in Aleatoric Environments

Automated nude studies abstracted through geological intervention. Simultaneous geophysical interpretations of notions of nude-ness in the real-time of natural forces. Tectonic ripples through the core of the Earth. Perl Processing Source material: Flickr IRIS-BUD Seismic network Read More

2006 On Everything

“On Everything” generates a real-time audio/visual presentation of everything by appropriating material being shared by the worldwide public in the form of shared images and diaries. The source material is endless, thus the work goes on forever. Material is synthesized, mixed and, ultimately, abstracted, to allow for varied interpretation. “On Everything” knows nothing of the […] Read More

2003 PANSE

PANSE is an acronym and stands for Public Access Network Sound Engine. It’s a streaming audio program with a built-in tcp server. It’s meant to be an open platform for experimental interactive audio-visual netart and is open to all. So-called “modules” (clients) can be created using Flash, Java, Perl or whatever else you can think […] Read More

2002 Looking for the New Universal Harmony

This is the next of my ‘web-based, multi-user audio-interface’ pieces. In this one, the user has less control over his own interaction with the work. Some factors of it are based on the users IP numbers. It’s interesting to note that the vast majority of users play around only with the sound and, it appears, […] Read More

2001 Choirpiece for Four Computers

This piece was basically an attempt at “humanizing” computers. In this piece I have five networked computers, one of which is the choir director and composer and the remainder forming the choir. The director is composing the music as he goes along but it’s not purely random. This choir has a sense of aesthetics, so […] Read More