It depends on what platform you're running on:

Mac OS X

You already have what you need to run most of the Microcodes. Follow these steps:

  1. Select and copy the code from the website. You must make sure to copy from the hash symbol (#) to the end of the last line.
  2. Open the Terminal application (located in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder)
  3. In the Terminal window type "vim" and hit return
  4. Type "i". You should see --INSERT-- at bottom left of the Terminal window.
  5. Hit CTRL-v on your keyboard to paste the code into the Terminal window
  6. Hit the "escape" key on your keyboard
  7. Type ":wq" and hit return
  8. Type "perl" and hit return


I'm assuming you already know. If not, it's basically the same as OS X above. However, the terminal is located somewhere else depending on what dekstop you're using.


You don't have any of what you need. I would suggest installing Cygwin. After you've done that, run Cygwin and follow the OS X instructions above, ignoring step 2 as running Cygwin puts you right in a terminal.