For What It's Worth - Pall Thayer, 2015
For What It's Worth - Pall Thayer, 2015 [Source]  







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This is an interactive work of art. It uses Bitcoin transactions donated to the work itself for public interaction. It is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the way in which art often gains respect and value through its perceived monetary value. The question of 'value' becomes especially relevant in this field of non-physical art (i.e. Software Art). The piece takes the primary identifying data from each Bitcoin transaction (the "hash") and abstracts it into an audio-visual representation and juxtaposes these with a backdrop of highly regarded art (i.e. "valuable") culled from the collection of the US's National Gallery of Art. Since each "hash" is unique, each transaction's soundwave (the drawing represents a circular graph of the soundwave) is likewise unique.

The information on each Bitcoin transaction is displayed, this can be hidden in the settings window. The work also displays the total that has been donated to it in Bitcoin and US Dollars. This will fluctuate along with the current exchange rate as well as incoming donations.

Donate as much or as little as you would like to the wallet address displayed. The higher the value of the donation, the higher the pitch of the audio signal and the thicker the line. New transactions are monitored in real time and will be reflected in each new loop of the work.

Open the settings window to activate the audio.

This was heavily inspired by the work of Rob Myers